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BigGodwin Martey & his Butterfly Your World team feeds 1,000 people on the streets of Accra

Each year, Websoft Solutions Ltd. CEO, BigGodwin Martey does his best to give back to the society through his Butterfly Your World Foundation.

Through this foundation, destitute people who have no one to pay their hospital bills have got it all sorted, street children, men and women with nowhere to lay their heads have been helped. Those with no business capital have had it raised for them. And believe you me, people who do not even have a single meal for the day have had their stomachs filled to the brim.

This year, BigGodwin Martey decided to hit the streets once again and feed the poor and needy. But this year’s own was a special one as he challenged himself to feed 1000 people in an initiative dubbed ‘Operation Feed 1,000‘.

Storming the streets on 14th November 2021, BigGodwin Martey together with his team carved joy and smiles on the faces of street children, men and women as they blessed them with drinks, food and comforted them with kind words of encouragement.

BigGodwin sharing one of his most touching moment was an encounter with a lady called Rejoice who is 23 years old. According to him, she was brought from the Volta Region with a promise for her to enroll in a tailoring school. She got here to the big city only to know that the tailoring school offer was just a bait for her to be pushed into prostitution.

Rejoice was abandoned by the person who brought her to the city. Forced into sex trade, she got pregnant along the line. Sadly, she lost the pregnancy due to the poor conditions on the streets. As if that isn’t enough, she got hit by a car, leading to the fracture of her bones.

It will interest you to know that Rejoice needed only GHS50 to travel back to Volta Region. She told BigGodwin that she’s willing to go back even though her parents are dead.

To cut long stories short, BigGodwin and his team have decided to save this young lady from the streets, where she’s always beaten and abused by ‘thirsty men’ who take advantage of vulnerable ladies.

BigGodwin who’s also the CEO of Oasis Mineral Water shared another moving story of one Abdulahi who had no hopes of getting a meal and water for the day. But got blessed through the ‘Operation Feed 1,000‘ initiative.

Operation Feed 1,000 was a massive success. Widows, beggars, the physically challenged, just to mention a few whom you would usually see with sad faces were all seen smiling as they queued up to take a share of their food, drinks, and water offered by the Butterfly Your World Team.

Check out some of the photos below:

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