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I had to always call my mum ‘sister’ so her husband wouldn’t know she has a son – Man reveals

A young man has recounted how he had to always refer to his mother as a sister, while his biological sister called him uncle, all in a bid to ensure her new husband wouldn’t know she had a son.

According to the Kenyan man, Steve Sande Opondo, better known as Mtumba Man, his father who was a prison police officer died in 1998 and life became difficult for them.

The 27-year-old, together with his mother and sister moved to his late father’s family home where they were maltreated by their paternal relatives.

“My dad was a prison police officer in Nakuru but he passed away in 1998. He loved me so much. We were forced to move to his upcountry home and life became difficult.

“I had jiggers almost everywhere and my feet were deformed. I still have the scars today. My dad’s family would often beat me up,” Opondo told Lynn Ngugi as quoted by Tuko.co.ke.


His mother who could not bear the maltreatment anymore, left with his sister, leaving only Opondo behind with his father’s relatives.

He continued suffering the maltreatment before finally reuniting with his mother who had married another man.

While her new husband knew she had a daughter, he was unaware Opndo’s mother had a son too, so he had to disguise himself always to avoid breaking her mother’s marriage.

“Before I went to my mum’s place in Dagoretti, My grandma told me she lived with someone, and he should not know she was my mother, but my step-sister,” Opondo disclosed.

“The guy believed it. My sister used to call me uncle, and my mother would refer to me as her brother.”

Fortunately, a video of him cross-dressing while selling clothes hit social media and went viral.

The video has now got him an ambassadorial deal with Devine Collections, turning his life around.

“I thank God for making my videos viral. I didn’t know they would be shared widely,” Opondo said.

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