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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Will Kennedy Agyapong make U-Turn and visit the church for deliverance now that he’s reportedly unhealthy after saying ‘going to church is a waste of time?’

NPP party’s firebrand, Kennedy Agyapong has revealed that he doesn’t go to church because he distrusts Ghanaian pastors adding that it is a waste of his time.

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According to the MP, he took the decision because he has come to realize that most pastors in the country are fake and full of deceit and it is very difficult to sieve the genuine ones out of the many,

In his estimation, pastors have used the bible to deceive Ghanaians who are gullible and succeeded in duping some of their unsuspecting clients in various communities.

It would be recalled that last year, the maverick politician said he does not believe in prophecies because about 90% of prophets are liars and capitalize on the gullibility of their victims to make a living.

But in sharp contrast, Kennedy Agyapong is reportedly not healthy in the United States and would he contemplate on visiting the church for deliverance or anything of that sort that will go a long way to counteract his earlier proclamation?

Anyway, time will tell.



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