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Saturday, December 4, 2021

People who believe in Heaven & Hell can die now – Kwame A Plus [Video]

Musician cum politician, Kwame A Plus, has asked people who believe that Heaven and Hell exist in the afterlife to die quickly so they can take the front row seats.

According to him, he doesn’t believe life exists after one is dead.

Speaking in an interview with blogger Sammy Kay, Kwame A Plus said if there is any place of that sort where everything is built with gold, slavery among others wouldn’t have taken place.

To him, the only ‘heaven’ he knows is in the skies, not the imaginary Heaven many religious people are willing to go when they die.

I don’t believe in dying and going to heaven. There is no heaven in my thoughts. I don’t mind if no one believes me. If you believe in Heaven, why don’t you die and go. If the white man believes that, he will not show you the way…. meanwhile they want the gold in our lands [SIC], he said.


Watch the video below:

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