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Woman shares disturbing tale of how her 3-month-old baby was stolen

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A 23-year-old mother-of-three has cried out after her youngest child was stolen by a strange man.

Fatimah Kabiru was doing laundry when the incident occurred around 10:00 am in a community in Abuja, Nigeria.

She narrated how she tasked her five-year-old daughter to take her last child out for games, as the latter would not stop crying.

While outside, she said the man, whose identity is yet to be established, lured her children with the promise of buying them juice.

Mariam followed the man to an uncompleted building, where he then took the baby from her and asked her to wait for him in the uncompleted building, she narrated.

After waiting for a long time for the man to return with her sister and the juice, Mariam returned home, crying, and informed her mother of the development.

At this point, Fatimah said she raised an alarm and rushed to the said uncompleted building in search of the man, but there was no sign of him.

She subsequently reported the matter to the police, but she was turned away, and asked to return after 48 hours before a missing person’s report can be filed.

It’s been over one week and the child still hasn’t been found, leaving Fatimah in despair.

The father of the baby, Kabiru Musa, a staff member of the Federal Road Safety Commission, was away in Imo State for training when the incident occurred.

Residents said that was not the first time such had happened in the area.

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