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18-year-old lady abducted on way to meet boyfriend who waited all night for her

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A missing teen may have been snatched from the street by a “stranger” while her distraught boyfriend waited all night for her to arrive.

Bobbi-Anne McLeod, 18, was last seen at a bus stop near her home in Plymouth at around 6.15pm on Saturday.

Two men aged 24 and 26 have now been arrested on suspicion of murder after police searching for her found a body eight miles from where she vanished.

Sources close to the family told The Sun they have no idea who the two suspects are.

It is understood police are investigating whether Bobbi-Anne was taken by a stranger off the street.

Cops are also attempting to establish how many people are involved in her disappearance and whether there was a sexual motive.

Bobbi-Anne’s brother himself expressed fears she had been abducted while desperately appealing for information.

He said previously: “Someone has my f***ing sister”.

It comes as chilling details of Bobbi-Anne’s final journey emerged after she left her home at 6:00 pm to meet her boyfriend Louie Leach.

The teenager was last seen at a nearby bus stop 15 minutes later – with her headphones and a pouch of tobacco later discovered on a grass nearby.

After she failed to meet with her boyfriend of six months, he raised the alarm.

His mother Adele told The Sun: “She was meant to see him at the time.

“Louie was at home, he was waiting for her.”

He is now reportedly being comforted by Bobbi-Anne’s heartbroken family and is said to be “crushed” by the tragedy.

Tributes have flooded in for the teenager led by her brother Lee.

He shared a touching childhood photo of the two of them beaming at the camera in their primary school uniforms.

Lee wrote: “Until we meet again sis. I love you.

“You didn’t deserve this, such a beautiful and talented girl, and to have you as my little sister, the adventure and journey we had will always be treasured. Now go rest easy.”

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